Services we provide

  • We offer customized service packages to those who wish to become permanent or temporary residents of Canada. This includes step by step guidance to help a person who wish to immigrate to Canada to become qualified for Canada immigration. We have service packages suited for:-
    1. any one, having a degree or diploma from a recognized university or institute in any country and have at least one year of work experience in their profession/trade.
    2. farmers and other self-employed people like photographers, interior designers, etc.....
  • We assist Canadian Citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their family members as permanent residents of Canada.
  • We help Canadian employers to apply for 'Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)' in order to facilitate recruitment of temporary foreign workers.
  • We help families in Canada searching for caregivers to take care of their small children, elderly and family members with high medical needs by:-
    1. Assisting them to submit application to the Canada government for 'Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)' which would allow them to recruit caregivers from foreign countries.
    2. Facilitate recruitment of caregivers from foreign countries by giving these Canadian families access to our database of international caregivers willing to relocate to Canada.
  • We help temporary residents and temporary foreign workers in Canada to become permanent residents.
  • We help international students to get admissions to over 1500 educational institutions in Canada and with their applications for study permits, work permits, permanent residence and try to support them throughout the process of their successful settlement in Canada.