Beloved Farmers : Welcome To Canada

Agriculture is big in Canada and it is no wonder that the country ranks among the world's top agricultural producers and exporters. Canadian agricultural products find their way onto the plates of not just Canadians but also onto those of people the world over. Moreover, the agri-food in Canada accounts for more than $100 billion in annual sales and offers 1 out of 8 jobs in Canada, making it a fertile field for immigration opportunities. This is also a less explored immigration avenue, making it an even more attractive option for those seeking permanent resident visas or citizenship in Canada.

Who is eligible for the Farmers Immigration Program to Canada?

Those with a minimum of two years' experience in managing a farm and also the intention and ability to purchase a farm in Canada and manage it can qualify for this program. Permanent Visas in this category are offered to the principal applicant, which in this case is the qualifying farmer and his or her immediate family. Immediate family refers to dependent spouse and adopted or biological children. However, the final eligibility is determined by an interview of the candidate by the Visa Officer. This category of Visa also has a selection criteria based on factors such as educational qualification, experience, age and fluency in English and/or French. But the process is more liberal compared to other categories and a minimum score in the language fluency test is not required to qualify. Every measure is taken to ensure that genuine farmers with a sincere aspiration to contribute to agriculture in Canada can qualify under this program.

How Can Fraternity Immigration Services Help?

Fraternity Immigration Services is committed to obtaining visas for genuine farmers who wish to take advantage of this Program.

  • We organize explorative short term visits to Canada if you are a prospective immigrant farmer and arrange for your participation in seminars and discussions led by experts, on the various aspects of farming and agriculture in Canada. You can also visit farms and farming homesteads in Canada, gaining a first hand experience of a farmer's life in Canada.
  • We assist you in preparing project reports about your proposed plans and farmhouses in Canada.
  • We assist you to apply for permanent resident Visas and help with preparing and appearing for the interview by the Visa Officer.
  • Our services do not just stop with securing your Visa. Once you land in Canada, our support continues. We help you with the purchase or lease of farming land and housing, your children's education, networking with government and non-government organizations, farmers' organizations and language classes.
  • We have done the research and can help you take advantage of the various programs offered to aid farmers and their families.

And the best thing about our services is the fact that we offer them at the lowest possible cost to you.