Caregiver Services

Are you looking for qualified persons to care for children, elderly or disabled persons at your home?


Canadian Families can hire foreign caregivers to provide care, in a private residence, to children, seniors or persons with certified medical needs, when Canadians and permanent residents are not available. The caregivers would:

  • provide care on a full-time basis (minimum 30 hours per week).
  • work in the private household where the care is being provided
  • meet the requirements set by 'Employment and Social Development Canada' (ESDC)/ 'Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada' (IRCC)

These families or private household employers will be able to hire foreign workers, on a live-in or live out basis

  • Caregivers for children: to take care of children under 18 years of age. You may use this program even if you have a pregnant lady in your household. This category could include positions such as: Child care provider, live-in caregiver, nanny.
  • Caregivers for people with high medical needs to take care of:

    • Elderly persons, 65 years of age or over

    • People with disabilities, a chronic or terminal illness.

    This category could include positions such as Registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse, Licensed practical nurse, Attendant for persons with disabilities, home support worker, live-in caregiver, and personal care attendant.

Our services for families in need of Caregivers:

  • We are an immigration consultancy firm licensed and regulated by the regulatory agency appointed by the government of Canada (Member: ICCRC). Our primary service related to care givers is to assist you and represent you in the process and application for 'Labour Market Impact Assessment' (LMIA) to the government of Canada. An LMIA would permit you to recruit a qualified caregiver from any countries in the world. 
  • In addition to the above service, we would provide you with free access to a database of qualified care giver candidates and assist you to identify and select a suitable candidate.  
  • When you inform us about your decision to utilize our services, we would discuss with you and request you to sign a 'retainer agreement' describing the terms of our service. Our services would be based on this written agreement.

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